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corey v. martin: carving is my calling
mode: fashion for the masses
interstate exodus: 5000 miles of asphalt
reviews: music, books & a zine
why was I not elected: stern kollosus pontificates

more in: issue 1.
fear not intrepid reader, a new issue is slowly but surely in the works. alas, the many other obligations here at dreaming america make a firm schedule impossible to predict.

the origin and ideas behind rangermag are discussed at digital-web.

I.D. magazine's 2001 Interactive Media Design Review should be on your newsstand by now. rangermag appears on page 68 (bronze award winner).

communication arts feature
scott benish speaks on topics ranging from thoughtfully designed web sites to the functionality of his toaster oven.
discuss with scott

stephen dohnberg, one of ranger's all-star music reviewers, writes to us about the following "wacky experiment":

"this is CHEEZ - E - but we entered Jam With Pam (pamela anderson)...i know this sounds ridiculous - but this is something i am kind of plying an experiment on. it would be a cool contest to win ($38,000 US recording time). but i'd like to see if i can rally the support and see what the results are...ok god. i sound silly."

so if you have a moment, support the ranger family and rock the vote.

rngr voicemail. this is real.

in a strange twist of fate, a scott benish feature appears at undesign.org.

the josh kneedler interview is up at netdiver.net.

oddly, he didn't relate any of the interview topics to "the medium is the message" luminary speak. read with caution.

things are finally starting to settle back in to place after the big trip to sxsw.

while in austin we handed out some limited edition rangermag cards.

we should be printing a not-so-limited edition soon.

ranger news is now blogger powered.

sell out:
unique visitors: 99.
items ordered: 3.
total earnings: $2.63.
who says you can't make money on the web?

in its first four days of existence issue 2 has already received half as many hits as issue 1 did in its first 4 months. we're feeling the love.

all the bugs and tweaks are officially done.
let's get ready to rumble.

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rangermag is published and hosted by dreaming america, a visual media studio headquartered in portland, OR. USA

art direction + design:
scott benish, josh kneedler

kerry seed, josh kneedler, scott benish

scott benish, josh kneedler

steve kramp

assistant to mr. kramp:
thanks to esteban gutierrez & john l. stone for providing a surprising level of service.

sending one out to trac vu for sharing his odyssey.

it's safe to say that mode wouldn't have happened without the help of kwai toa (and thanks to augi garred for the introduction).

stephen dohnberg's reviews appear courtesy of burning ink.

beta testers: travis hultin, sarah patch, makiko itoh and nick finck.

strategic advisor: stephen warneck.
the world wide web is the largest human network in existence. yet, to a large degree, the web does not reflect the quirky personalities of real, individual people.

rangermag is about self-expression through visual media, and our appreciation for some people and things that make life great: musicians, artists, writers, travel, technology, opinions, and stories.

this issue was inspired by:
modest mouse, 2pac, built to spill, chicane, wolfsheim, new order, rabbit in the moon, ride, slowdive, the cars, silkworm, sade, outkast, zeldman, nomeansno, the hanson brothers, and joao gilberto.